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Logistics & Supply Chain Management: Podcasting


Recording Your Podcast

Hosting Your Podcast

Copyright-Compliant Resources

The resources listed here are collections of audio resources that are copyright compliant, meaning they've been created with a Creative Commons license and are approved for reuse.

(I've also included some image resources here too, if you want to make a "cover" for your podcast!)

How To Guides

Podcasting and Copyright

About Podcasting and Copyright

So you're making a podcast. Excellent! You should read the article above first, to understand a little more about what you can't (and can) do with regard to music created by others. So it's true, you probably can't use your favorite pop song as a lead-in to your podcast. But don't worry!  There are lots of great resources out there that are permissible to use.

You may be asking about "educational fair use"... it's pretty common for your instructors to use some copyrighted materials in class. How do they do that? An instructor can use copyrighted materials in the classroom because of some very specific laws which limit *how* those materials can be used and distributed.

This applies to student-created materials too, except for one thing. You will be uploading your podcast to a public website like YouTube or SoundCloud. By making it public you are no longer covered under educational fair use. (OK, that's a bit simplified, but let's leave it at that to make it easy.) So your best bet is to look for public domain and Creative Commons licensed materials. Then you know you're good to go!

Before You Upload Your Podcast

A couple of things you should know before you upload your content.

  1. Copyright is automatically assigned when you publish your podcast. Cool, huh?
  2. Want to allow others to use your content without copyright issues? You need to create a Creative Commons license. For more information, check out this page! What is Creative Commons  (And of course, your librarian is always happy to help!)

Citing Your (Podcast) Sources

If you decide to use someone else's music or audio, even if it's licensed for reuse, you still need to cite it! The easiest way to do that is in the description of the audio file. For example, when you upload to SoundCloud you have a "description" box. You can use that to include your citation. Take a look at the example. You'll see that in the description I put the musician and the name of the song, as well as the Creative Commons license. It doesn't have to be formal as long as you have those three pieces. (A link to the online source is great too, if you have it!)

Don't forget, if you choose to use an image as your cover, you need to cite that as well!


A reminder: You may also have to formally cite these materials in your assignment's works cited list. If so, that will need to be done according to proper APA format!

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