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LSCM: Logistics and Supply Chain Management Resources Spring 2023: LSCM Courses

Prof. Montgomery's Logistics and Supply Chain Management Course Guide

LSCM 3100 - Principles of Logistics

This course is an introduction to logistics and transportation services. The course examines the areas of customer service, distribution operations, purchasing, order processing, facility design and operations, carrier selection, transportation costing, and negotiation.

LSCM 4000 - Operations, Warehousing, & Inventory

LSCM 4200 - Decision Modeling in LSCM

LSCM 4400 - Supply Chain Financial Mgmt

LSCM 4800 - Contemporary Issues in LSCM

LSCM 3200 - Principles of Supply Chain Management

LSCM 4100 - Global Supply Chain Management

A course introducing the theories and practices of global supply chain management; exploring how resources and information is used to create and deliver products globally. Inter-firm systems and industry supply chains are also explored from the customer, producer, and employee perspectives.

LSCM 4300 - Sourcing and Procurement in LSCM

A course that focuses on the processes to identify and manage suppliers for goods and services to support operations; including sourcing, contracting, negotiations, buying procedures, cost and price analysis, vendor relations, auditing and inspection, supplier relations, and applications to information technology systems. 

LSCM 4600 - LSCM Information Technology

An overview of information technology applications for planning and controlling the design,  manufacture, and distribution of goods and services; managerial and technical aspects of information technology for product design, shop floor, factory, enterprise, and supply chain management. 

LSCM 4900 - Advanced Topic in LSCM

MGMT 4900 - Strategic Mgmt Capstone

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