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FCCS 1100: B. Johnson-Fall 2010: Assignment


IC stands for information competency, which is the ability to recognize what type of information is needed, locate that information, evaluate it and use it effectively.  Click here for more information

The Library IC exercise is given below.  Make sure that you read the questions closely, understand what is being asked and answer all parts of the question. Good Luck!!


IC Exercise (FCCS 1100)                                                                                

These are the questions that will appear on your pre and post tests. Your instructor will give you the actual test sheets.  All questions are 10 points each, and there is ONLY one correct answer for each.  Please note that some of the questions have two or more parts to them, so you will need to answer these questions as thoroughly as possible. Good luck!

1. I have been asked to write a paper on Munchausen syndrome and all the books pertaining to that disorder at GHC are checked out.  Are there other libraries in the University System of Georgia that have books on Munchausen syndrome?  If so, how many books are listed in the Universal Catalog that would be highly relevant to this subject?

2. I am taking an English 1102 class and I have to find peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles that contain criticisms of William Faulkner's novel, "Sanctuary."  I've been told that MLA International Bibliography in GALILEO is a good place to look.  Using that database, how many full-text, peer-reviewed articles can I find on the aforementioned topic?

3. I am trying to find a full-text newspaper article on Fernando Alonso, the famous Formula One Grand Prix driver.  I believe that the article I am looking for appeared in the Irish Times on October 16, 2009.  The article alleges that a particular driver from Team Renault deliberately wrecked his car during a race in Singapore so that Alonso, who was leading at the time, could win the race.  What is the title of this newspaper article, and who was the driver accused of crashing his car to help Alonso win?

4. I am taking a Georgia History class and my professor wants me to use a particular database in GALILEO that features encyclopedia-type articles on various persons in Georgia History.  I have to find some information on "Ma Rainey."  Specifically, I need to find her actual name, where she was born, the name of the recording company that she signed a contract with, the year she died, and what she died from?

5. According to the latest MLA format style, found on the GHC Library Home Page, how should I list the following printed book on the Works Cited page?  Author: Hiram P. Bell.  Title: "Men and Things." City of Publication: Atlanta.  Publisher: Foote & Davies Company.  Year of Publication: 1907.

6. According to the latest APA format style, also found somewhere on the GHC Library Home Page, how should I list the following web page on my References page?  Author of website: Cleburne County Chamber of Commerce.  Title of website: East Alabama History Museum.  Date website was created: 2008.  Web address:

7. My physics professor wants me to read a particular peer-reviewed journal article on aviation and physics.  The article has something to do with "atmospheric turbulence."  It was published in 2009, and I think he said he saw it in GALILEO's Research Library database.  Anyway, I have to read the article and tell him what E.D.R. means.

8. I need to find the link on the GHC Library's Home Page entitled Research Guides.  Under that link, I have to find the guide for Philosophy, and look up a quote that sums up the meaning of Stoicism.  What does the quote say?

9. If you go to the GALILEO database, World News Digest, you can find news articles dating back to 1940.  In 1964, in Philadelphia, Mississippi, three civil rights workers were murdered.  On Oct. 20, 1967, seven men were convicted of those murders.  One of the convicted men was the chief deputy sheriff of Neshoba County.  What was his name?

10. In the new GHC GIL-Find catalog, you can use the Advanced Search option to narrow your results list.  If I were to search for books, with the subject, "horror," and the year of publication being 2008, I get two results.  One of the titles is "Odd Hours," by Dean Koontz.  What is the title of the second book?



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