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English 1102 - Lindberg - Summer 2010: Assignment


Research Paper Overview

The research paper argues a thesis developed from one of the topics I provide. The goal is not to write a paper explaining that topic to me, but to write an argumentative or persuasive paper developing your viewpoint on the subject. The research should support your attitudes and observations toward your topic. A vital part of the paper will be correctly cited direct quotes and paraphrases that further develop or support your claim; these are in-text citations. During the first weeks of class we will explore and develop all of these concepts in detail in order to give each student the best opportunity to achieve the goals of the research project.


The final paper must include the following elements:


Proper MLA format

This includes your identifying information, running headers, font, style, pagination and spacing exactly as it appears in the Harbrace handbook. No title pages.


Text of the paper

This will be the portion of the paper evaluated for word count. Papers shorter than 1600 words or longer than 3000 words will not be accepted. The text of the paper will be evaluated for grammar, content, and style.


In text citations

These should be included in the body of the paper where appropriate, according to MLA format.


Works cited page

This page will be the last page of your paper, included in the numbered pages of your paper. The works cited page does not count as part of your word count.

All documentation must follow exactly the MLA format outlined in Harbrace.


You must use a combination of books, magazines, journals, newspapers and online sources for your research. All internet sources must come from Galileo. You must use at least five sources in your paper. The maximum number of sources is ten. Papers with fewer than five sources will not be accepted.


Evidence of plagiarism will result in an automatic grade of zero on this paper.


The research paper grade counts twice toward your final grade in this course. The research packet grade counts once toward your final grade in this course. This means that as soon as of the end of the research paper project, you will have earned 30% of your final grade.



Always save all of work in at least two places (your space on the GHC server and a flash drive, for example).

Never turn in your only copy of any element of your paper.

Never pet a burning cat.

Subject Guide

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