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ENGL 1102 - Bishop : Assignment

Research Project

ENGL 1102

Research Paper


Objective: Students will synthesize ideas covered this term and apply the concepts and theories by writing a researched argument focusing on a cultural topic of their choosing.


·         Students will strengthen their ability to organize, plan, outline, write, correct, and revise essays; and increase competency with grammar, mechanics, and usage.  

·         Through the writing of analytical essays and a research paper, students will demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information to support ideas or arguments.

·         Through the completion of a research paper, students will demonstrate their ability to locate reliable, relevant sources, integrate source material into their writing, and utilize correct MLA documentation.



  1. Students will identify a cultural subject and refine that subject into a workable topic to be analyzed and argued about.
  2. Students will format the essay according to MLA standards. Failure to do so will result in a 15-point grade deduction. Failure to have in-text citations with a corresponding works cited page (bibliography) would result in failure of the essay and the (most likely) course.
  3. Students will write an analytical essay that features an argumentative thesis. Essays without an argumentative thesis will likely not pass the assignment.
  4. The essay will be a minimum of 5 full pages (not including the annotated bibliography), typed, 12-point font, double-spaced. Essays that do not meet the minimum requirement will be docked 5 points per quarter page (e.g., a 4.5 page paper will be docked 10 points from the final grade; a 3.5 page paper would lose 30 points).
  5. All body paragraphs should be formatted in the CIA model, with illustrations coming from the scholarly resources you’ve collected. All research should be done in service of your argument. You should not simply toss facts, data, or statistics into your essays. Please refer to Booth and to Ballenger in D2L.
  6. All essays will feature an annotated bibliography. See the example provided in class (via D2L).
  7. All essays will be submitted to by the due date listed in D2L.



  1. Sudents will select their own topics. The professor will approve (and potentially modify) the topic before students actually begin writing the paper.
  2. For students struggling with topic identification, please see Prof. Patterson’s list of topics in D2L. 


Booth Model:

Topic: I am studying ______________
Question: because I want to know what/
how/why _________________
Significance: in order to help my reader
understand _________________.

I am studying _______________  because I want to know what/how/why _____________ in order to help my reader
understand _________________.

I am studying socially interactive technologies in the classroom because I want to know how students use them
and why in order to help my reader understand the importance and usefulness of these technologies for improving student
engagement and success.

I am studying women’s footwear because I want to know why women wear shoes that hurt their feet in order to help my reader understand how much value our culture puts on supposed “beauty.”


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