ENGL 1102 - Thompson (Paulding) - Spring 2021


Information Literacy Objectives

Upon completion of information literacy instruction, students should be able to:

1) Search the library catalog in order to locate an appropriate resource.

2) Refine and narrow searches using built-in database limiters.

3) Identify appropriate library databases for specific research needs.

Library Guide Helpful Tips!

This is a multi-use library guide, designed to help with several assignments.

STEP 1: 

The first module is all about source evaluation, a key part of what you'll be doing. The 5Ws provide a quick cheat sheet and additional explanations so you can review your sources and make good decisions.

STEP 2: 

Your Op-Ed module is next. It's got instructions on how to locate an op-ed article.

STEP 3: 

The next big piece is a GRADED Search Strategies module which focuses on keywords. In order to do your best research, you need to understand how to build an effective keyword search. Work through the four sections in order, and then complete the graded assignment. (Objective 2b)


Finally there's your research paper module. There is a TON of information here!  

  • Watch the very helpful research strategy video!
  • Review the page on how to use Galileo to find articles. on this same page, there are subject-specific databases to help you focus in on your topic. (Objective 2d)
  • Finally, take a look at how to use GIL-Find, our book catalog, to find books. (Objective 2c)


At the end of the semester, take the quick library assessment. It lets us know how we're doing as teachers and how you're doing as students!

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