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ENGL 1101 - Abbott (Online) - Summer 2021


Information Literacy Objectives

Upon completion of this information literacy content, students should be able to:

1) Demonstrate knowledge of basic GALILEO functions (eg: results list, email, cite tool)

2) Refine and narrow searches using built-in database limiters.

3) Build an effective search strategy including determining keywords.

The Key to This Library Guide

STEP 1: 

Learn a little bit about keyword search strategies - the basic building block for doing good research.


Become familiar with Galileo. It's a search tool, just like Google! Learn *why* it's better than Google, and play around with the tools it offers, like doing a basic search, scrolling through results, and saving sources.


Research is key, and that means Understanding Galileo.There is a lot of great stuff on these pages - take advantage of them. We will be focusing on Filters today, and will touch on the other content if we have time. It's here for you to use, though, even if we don't talk about it in class!

  • Filters/Limiters: your best friend when you need to narrow down your results
  • Boolean: a way to put your keywords to work for you
  • Advanced Searching: Galileo's Advanced Search makes using Boolean easy-peasy
  • Navigating Galileo: a picture is worth a thousand words


Take the quick library assessment. It lets us know how we're doing as instructors and how you're doing as students!

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