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English 1101 - Cassity - Spring 2011: Assignment

Analysis and Persuasive Essay Assignment

Research Project

Writing # 5 Persuasive Essay

800-1000 Words

·       Due Monday, 4/11 or Tuesday, 4/12 at the beginning of class.

·       2 sources must be cited in the paper— from Galileo and/or books from the Opposing Viewpoints series.  You may have one more citation but it must also be from a reliable source as noted in our discussion on reliable sources with Ms. Vines. Do not quote more than 15% of your paper.

·       Sources must be cited in the essay using MLA style—you may use direct quotes or a paraphrase.

·       Plagiarism on this paper will be an automatic failure for the CLASS.

·       No title page.

You may choose from the following topics.

·       Argue for or against nuclear energy.

·       Argue for or against standardized testing in schools.

·       Examine some aspect of the American educational system—students—teachers—public—administration—government.

·       Discuss one or more areas in which Americans should be forced to go green.

·       Examine profiling in the American legal system.

·       Examine the issue of hunger in the U.S.

·       Examine the Border Fence --- the Mexican U.S. Barrier

·       Does each American have the right to free medical care?

Grading guide for the argument/analysis essay

_____MLA format including pagination, first page heading, Works Cited Page (15 points)

____Two sources must be cited correctly in the paper (20 points)

____Thesis statement (10 points)

____Organization (10 points)

____Grammar (20 points)

____Content (25 points)

·       Approximately 800-1000 words.

___All students must turn in an essay to pass this class.  Each day late -10 points

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