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Communication: Assignment

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Informative Speech Assignment

Informative Speech Assignment

Informative Speech:  The 3-5 Tour Guide   (3-5 minute, descriptive, informative speech)   100 points

There are so many wonderful people, places, and things in our world.  This is your opportunity to tell us about something you think is interesting and something that may be new or unfamiliar information to your audience.  For this presentation, you are to present a descriptive informative speech.  Pretend that you are a tour guide. 

According to the Manual for Training Local Nature Guides, the best tour guides possess the following characteristics.  They speak loudly and clearly and they use good nonverbal communication such as smiles, eye contact, and body language.  They also use interesting and descriptive language.  They are knowledgeable and prepared.  They know their audience and engage them through the use of questions, participation, and visual props.  Finally they begin their speech with a POW!   Wow, sound familiar?  These are many of the qualities of effective speakers!

Vocal Presentation:  Your speech should be between 3-5 minutes long and you should use vibrant language, interactive questions, and clearly stated points to help your audience appreciate the person, place, or thing you are describing.  Use at least 3 different support devices to illustrate your points. Notecards should be crafted skillfully so that your delivery is conversational and flows smoothly.  You may have no more than 5 notecards or 1 speaker’s notes page.

Feel free to get “into character” during your speech.  You may be creative in your dress (although it must be either appropriate for your tour experience or businesslike – still no jeans, flip-flops, etc).   You need to include at least 3 visual aids in the form of pictures, posters, models, objects, etc. to involve the audience.  You may use  PowerPoint which will count as 1 visual to present material, but you may have no more than 5 words per point on a slide, no more than 5 points per slide, no more than 5 slides.

You need to use at least 3 sources. You must vocally cite your sources (places you got your information).


Major Components:

  • You must include a typed formal complete sentence outline with an attached MLA works cited.
  •  3-5 minute informative speech
  •  No more than 5 notecards
  •  At least 3 different support devices (examples, anecdotes, analogies, definitions, compare/contrast, quote)
  •  At least 3 sources with vocal citations
  •  At least 3 visual aids (PowerPoint counts as only 1 visual, creative outfit may also count as 1)
  •  Comprehensive typed sentence outline with attached MLA works cited
  • Tour appropriate or business attire (no jeans, flip flops, t-shirts, etc.)



Tour Guide Evaluation Sheet :        Name:_______________________

Topic:___________________             Score:    ______               _____/100 points

Scoring System (per each section of Research, Organization, Content, Delivery)

A = 25 points, exceeds standards  

B = 20 points, meets standards 

C = 18.75 points, needs to improve to standards 

D = 15 points, deficient in meeting standards


(R) Research:  Student uses required number of sources. Research is credible, reliable, current and appropriate for the presentation.  All sources are vocally cited within the speech. Works cited is correctly formatted, typed, and submitted prior to the speech.          

A                      B                      C                      D


(O) Organization:  Student submitted a formal typed comprehensive sentence outline with an attached MLA Works Cited page prior to speech.  The outline follows the required format and the speech precisely follows the submitted outline.  The speech includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. Major points are clearly stated and the speech is easily followed by the inclusion of transitions, signposts, and brake lights.  The student appears composed and prepared when class begins.     

A                      B                     C                      D


(C) Content:  All major points are fully supported using a variety of support devices including examples, quotes, analogies, anecdotes, statistics, compare/contrast and narration. The speech includes elements to increase audience interest such as an attention-getter and clincher.   Speech contains at least 3 visual aids that are both effective and collegiate.  They follow the guidelines for effective visual aids and are used appropriately to increase the interest of the presentation.                      

A                      B                     C                      D


(D)  Delivery:  Student appearance is professional, appropriate, and enhances speaker credibility.  Student uses effective visual cues such as eye contact, movement, and gestures to connect with the audience.  Vocal delivery flows smoothly, is conversational, and shows evidence of thorough rehearsal.  Vocal tone is pleasant with an appropriate volume, rate, and pitch.  Grammar and articulation are appropriate for educational level.    

A                      B                      C                      D


SCORE:  R _____  +     O_____  +       C_____  +   D_____  = _____ = _____%   or  ___/100pts


Time:  -1 point per each 10 seconds over, -3 points per each 10 seconds under

Appearance:  -10 for jeans, flip flops, sneakers, hats or inappropriate wear.


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