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FCST 1010: Marietta, Summer 2015, Hepler: Module 1


Day 1 - Step 1: Weekly Welcome

Welcome to College....and welcome to Module 1! During this module you will be introduced to what it takes to be a successful college student. You will learn many new study skills in FCST 1010, along with many old skills. Whether you are attending college for the first time or you are a returning student, FCST 1010 will make your college success much easier!!! Welcome..... and good luck!

Due This Week:

  • Journal Entry 1 - Written in your journal (due Thursday in class)
  • Challenge 1 - Submitted in D2L (due Sunday before midnight)

Day 1 - Step 2: In class activity..Introduce yourself!!

Please read the course syllabus and course calendar on our D2L homepage!


Now that I've introduced's your turn to introduce yourself. Tell us anything you wish to share (age, marital status, pets, strange traits :0), etc.). 

Have you declared a major? If so.....what would you like to major in?


Day 1 - Step 3: Homework/Weekly Journal

A big goal in FCST 1010 is reflection. As a college student it's not only important to learn and do well in your classes - you must also learn to reflect on your college experience and the new attitudes, knowledge, and skills that you are gaining. Taking time to step back and think about your experience will not only give you a richer experience, but will also help you learn and apply knowledge. Reflection is basically the opposite of cramming for a test - it actually helps you remember and use information for a longer amount of time (hopefully a lifetime). A great way to foster reflection is by journaling. In FCST 1010, you'll be completing a journal entry each week for Day 1 Homework. This journal entry is due on the second day of class each week. The journal topic will be announced the first day of class each week. If you are absent from class it is your responsibility to contact another student in class to find out the journal topic.

Journal Entry #1 (45 pts.) - How do you feel about attending collegePlease write at least 2 paragraphs. Write down your feelings and be honest!  (This is the only time the topic will be shown. You must be in class to get the weekly journal topic). Please turn in your journal every Thursday in class.

Day 2 - Step 1: Intro Video

Day 2 - Step 2: Readings and Videos to Help You with Challenge 1


After viewing the "Inspiring Movie Quotes" video, you might have a feeling that it takes more than just waking up and showing up for class to be sucessful in college. You need inspiration! A goal! A reason for waking up, rushing to class, late-night studying, and mind-blowing exams. need to learn study skills which will help you become successful. Please review the following literature and videos to help inspire you and get you started on the road to success!

Day 2 - Step 3: Challenge 1

Challenge 1: Why Are You Here? (45 pts.)

Congratulations on your decision to come to college! Although there is a lot of research on the benefits of a college education, it’s vitally important that you discover why you decided to attend college and what you hope to get out of the experience. Finding personal meaning in education will not only help deepen your experience, but will also help you stay in school when problems arise in your life.

For this Challenge, create a ½ page, double spaced essay that addresses the following prompts:

  • What is the #1 reason that you decided to attend Georgia Highlands? Looking back on it now, how do you feel about this reason?
  • How do you predict that college will affect your personal life this semester? What about your work life?
  • Think about a time in the future when you’re done studying at Georgia Highlands. What kind of person are you? What goals have you achieved? What is your next step in life?

**Please submit this assignment in Challenge 1 Dropbox found in D2L. Due before Sunday at midnight (5 points/per day will be deducted from final points for late submissions). 

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