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ARTS 1113 - Nathaniel (Douglasville) - Spring 2018: Choosing Databases

GALILEO Discover Search


You can begin your search right here on the library webpage in the DISCOVER search box.  This is fine for a basic search - you will probably get a lot of results and need to either add more search terms, or put limits/filters on your search.

The DISCOVER search will search many databases at one time, however will not search the many specialty databases we subscribe to.

Advanced Search

You should begin your search on the Advanced Search page if you have more than one term or phrase (put quotation marks around a phrase).

 This is the Basic Search.

This is the Advanced Search.  Break your terms up so there is only one per search box.

By clicking on the arrow next to "Select a Field" you can search for the term(s) in specific areas of articles.

Choosing a Database

There are several options for choosing a database on the GALILEO home page.Galileo Menu Bar

Browse by Subject - choose a category and then a subject in the drop-down to get a list of the best databases to use for a specific subject.

Browse by Type - choose a publication type to find databases specialized in a specific type of content.

Databases A-Z - If you know exactly which database you want, click on the beginning letter of its name.  Otherwise, click on "All databases" to get a list of all 300+ databases in alphabetical order.

Useful Databases - Art & History


Contains scholarly peer-reviewed journals and selected trade and consumer titles relevant to applied arts and cultural studies


Bibliography of the History of Art.

Catalog of Art Museum Images Online.

One of the most up-to-date and comprehensive surveys of the history of art and architecture available today.

Scholarly journals, primary sources, and now books!

Covers the full scope of world history from the mid-15th century to the present.

Oxford Art Online (formerly Grove Art Online)

A comprehensive collection of periodicals supporting topics in world history

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