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PSYC 1101 - Nummerdor (Douglasville) - Spring 2018: Choosing Databases

GALILEO Discover Search


You can begin your search right here on the library webpage in the DISCOVER search box.  This is fine for a basic search - you will probably get a lot of results and need to either add more search terms, or put limits/filters on your search.

The DISCOVER search will search many databases at one time, however will not search the many specialty databases we subscribe to.

Choosing a Database

There are several options for choosing a database on the GALILEO home page.Galileo Menu Bar

Browse by Subject - choose a category and then a subject in the drop-down to get a list of the best databases to use for a specific subject.

Browse by Type - choose a publication type to find databases specialized in a specific type of content.

Databases A-Z - If you know exactly which database you want, click on the beginning letter of its name.  Otherwise, click on "All databases" to get a list of all 300+ databases in alphabetical order.

Advanced Search

You should begin your search on the Advanced Search page if you have more than one term or phrase (put quotation marks around a phrase).

                                                                                                          This is the Basic Search.

                                                       This is the Advanced Search.  Break your terms up so there is only one per search box.

                                   By clicking on the arrow next to "Select a Field" you can search for the term(s) in specific areas of articles.

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