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FCCS 1100 - Capstone Project - Online: Assignment

Capstone Project

Freshman College Computer Studies Capstone Project

Your specific assignment may be different.  Look at your assignment in D2L or check with your instructor.

The Capstone Project this semester in FCCS 1100 will integrate computing skills that you will develop throughout this course.  This is a three-part project that involving the following components:

  • Research a topic chosen based on your college major and/or your chosen career path. You are to use online web-based search engines, GalileoGIL, and our library website.  You will organize a two page research paper using Microsoft Word 2013

  • You will create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your research on chosen major and career path

  • You will present your PowerPoint to the class on the final days of this course

Things to do:

1.  Pick your major/career to research.

2.   Start your research.  A librarian will come to class to get us started on this. You will need to find at least 2 sources. These could be websites, books, periodicals, magazines, newspaper articles, etc. Use Galileo to check databases for information related to your topic. If you need help looking up sources on Galileo, ask a Librarian.  Be sure to save the website addresses from your sources so that you can create your works cited page when you write your paper.


Research Paper ASSIGNMENT

Type your paper in MS-WORD 2013, using MLA style discussed in the Word section of SimNet and in class.  Your paper must contain a minimum of 3 double spaced pages including the works cited page.  Number all the pages of your paper, again using the MLA style described. Include parenthetical citations in MLA style. Font choice, spacing and indentation will need to closely follow MLA style. This will be turned in via that we will register for and learn about in class. (see syllabus for due date)

Some things to think about for your paper:

  • Why did you choose this career field/major and an explanation of the field/major?

  • What kind of job can you get with it?

  • What could the salary be?

  • What schooling/college and experience must you have?


Create a PowerPoint presentation summarizing your paper for your presentation to the class.  Be sure to include:

  1. A title slide for the presentation with your name.
  2. A slide that contains a graph.
  3. At least 5 additional slides for the body of your topic that present the main ideas of your topic.
  4. Note:  That's a total of a minimum of 7 slides.
  5. Be creative with the format of your slides. You should include a mixture of the following: pictures, clip-art, sounds, change of backgrounds, colors, themes, transition effects of slides. The PowerPoint presentation is to make all your research come to life.
  6. PowerPoints should NOT be paragraphs cut and pasted from your paper!(see syllabus for due date)
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