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ENGL 2122 - Abbott (Online) - Spring 2018: Journal club Presentation

Journal Club Assignment

Journal Club Presentation

Step 1

Choose a literary work from the list below. If you are unfamiliar with any of the works, you can review the linked overviews. Read the literary work. Identify a possible essay topic for the literary work you've chosen, and write a very brief topic description (1 sentence or less) that includes the author's name and title of the work. This can be done as a phrase, question or statement. 

Topic Examples:

  • The humanity/lack of humanity of Frankenstein's monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 
  • Why are there so many negative statements about women in Wollenstonecraft's "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman"?
  • In his poem,"Christabel," Samuel Taylor Coleridge increases sensationalism through imagery.  

Literary Works (Click on the titles to view the overviews):

Step 2

In GALILEO, locate a scholarly, peer-reviewed article about your topic. Refer to the Library Assignment Guide for specific database recommendations and helpful search strategies.

 Read your article carefully, so that you can share the following information in your presentation:

  • author's name, article title
  • a brief summary
  • the article's thesis statement
  • at least one place in the article where the author quotes another scholar and how the author uses that quotation to further his or her own argument
  • any other info you found interesting
  • connections to our class materials (videos, etc.) and/or discussions

Step 3

Using Collaborate Ultra, we will meet and each of you will share your topic, then provide the information listed above about your article.

During our Collaborate conference, you will be asked to present picture ID.

The presentation should be 3-4 minutes in length. This is meant to be a succinct overview of the article only. Don't write a script, but have clear notes in front of you when you present. No visual aids are required; however, if you have a pertinent image or website you wish to share, that is easily arranged. If time permits, we will have a brief discussion of the articles as well.

You do not need to schedule your conference. Simply attend the session that fits your schedule best.

**Please visit the Collaborate session prior to our meeting if you have not used Collaborate Ultra before. Occasionally, students have issues with microphones, etc. You need to login in prior to the conference and address any of these issues if they are occurring on your computer.  If working out these computer "bugs" takes longer than 5 minutes, your presentation will be penalized. If you miss more than 15 minutes of the session, you will need to reschedule for another session. If one is not available, you will not receive credit for the Journal Club.

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