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DHYG 1320 - McFarland (HH) - Spring 2018: Assignment



Review your assigned case study and answer the questions associated with the case.  It is a good idea to review your case individually and as a group, and to do so early.  While you are learning about the periodontal disease process in class, you will be able to understand various components of your case better.


Research your related topic and write summary for two articles from peer-reviewed journals.  These must be recent (within the last five years) and no students may use duplicate articles. (Submit via D2L Dropbox)


Complete a GHC Clinic Notification of Periodontal Disease for your patient (Submit via D2L Dropbox)

Complete at GHC Clinic Treatment Plan for your patient (Submit via D2L Dropbox)

In paragraph form, write detailed home care instructions for your patient (Submit via D2L Dropbox)


Meet to discuss your research and bring a copy of your Periodontal Notification Form, your treatment plan, and your home care instructions.  Review and discuss the case and your individual work.  Select the best treatment plan, periodontal notification form, and home care instructions for your group presentation.  You may also opt to create new forms and instructions as a group, using parts of your individual work.


Present your case, findings, and project work to the class, including significant findings of your case, challenges of your case, your research, and your complete care plan for the patient (treatment plan, periodontal notification, and home care instructions).  You may modify the case study PowerPoint for your classroom presentation, adding your answers to the case questions and your complete care plan, or you may create your own.    




Facets of Article Summaries

A summary will be a shortened version of the article, but not the same as the abstract that appears in the article.

Some summary components:

  • Source information for the article - the citation
  • Research points
  • Methods and results
  • How the article is significant to your topic
  • Most important:  Follow your instructor's guidelines

More information can be found at OWL@Purdue on Writing Report Abstracts


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