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Social Psychology Spring 2014: Home


Directions: In this assignment, you will become better acquainted with the GHC Library and the American Psychological Association (APA) style of formatting. Submit via “Assignment Dropbox.” This assignment is to be completed on your own. For each question that asks for a citation, please write the citation in 6th edition APA format.


Library Website

1) On the homepage, click on Galileo, find “Journal A-Z” box to search for the Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology. Does GHC subscribe to the online full text version? If so, which database(s) host(s) the online version? Does the GHC library have a print version of the journal? If so, where is it located?



2) In Academic Search Complete (to get there you have to click on Galileo@GHC on main page, then go to "Databases A-Z" and search for Academic Search Complete), do a search for "effects of television on human adolescent development." You will find that there are TONS of articles on this topic. Limit your search to year 2011. Find the article written in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media and provide the citation. (Hint: “The Bachelor” is included in the title.) 

3) Do a key word search using the advanced search button on any topic in psychology that interests you. List all the key words you used to find this article. Please choose an article and provide the citation in APA format. To get credit for this question, be sure to include the keywords you used in your search.

 4) Using Humanities International Complete database, search for the following article title and provide the citation.

"Sacred Symbols with a Secular Beat? A Content Analysis of Religious and Sexual Imagery in Modern Rock, Hip Hop, Christian, and Country Music Videos."


5) What is your favorite song? Who sings it? Using APA format, cite your favorite song.


Bonus Question: Where in the GHC library is the print version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV-TR located? What is the call number for this book?

Subject Guide

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