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ENGL 1102 Callan Spring 2014: Assignment

Research Paper

RESEARCH PAPER                                                  Composition II ENG 1102/CALLAN


DUE DATE: Wednesday March 19, 2014

LENGTH: 6 to 7 double-spaced pages, typed in 12 font, Times New Roman



1. First page typed in MLA format with the following information:

    Student's name, instructor's name, name of class, and date (Harbrace Ess. 33c). 

2. Outline: Typed, double-spaced, in 12 font.

3. Text of paper: Typed, double-spaced, numbered, completed in MLA style.

4. Citations: Typed according to MLA rules for internal documentation (Harbrace
Ess. Chapter 33)

5. Works Cited page on a separate typed page. Six to seven sources are required,
which can include only one reference (encyclopedia) source, and must include at
least one book and one computer source. After the sixth source a motion picture
may also be used.

NOTE: Dictionaries may not be counted as a source.


ADDITIONALLY, this research paper should be turned in with

1. Annotated Bibliography (See syllabus)

2. Rough draft (s) of paper and any xeroxed copies used

(Please submit all other required materials in a large brown envelope)


Wednesday, January 22                      Introduction to the Research Paper (lab)
Monday, February 3                           Annotated Bibliography and tentative thesis
Monday, February 10                        Introduction to outline (in class)
Wednesday, February 12                    Tentative outline due
Wednesday, February 19                    Typed first two pages, tentative Works Cited
Monday, February 24                         Typed first four pages, Final outline (Conf.)
Wednesday, March 19                        Final Paper with complete packet


REMINDERS: Consult your research handbook for MLA style. I will explain
MLA procedure step-by-step as we create this project. It is extremely important
that you work every day on this, so be at school! Please take advantage of the
services offered through our library and the tutorial department. You will soon
receive your schedule for your conferences with me during the first week of March.

Reminder (per syllabus):

This research paper will require a great deal of time and will therefore count for
30% of the semester grade. You may turn these papers in before, but not after, the due date. 


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