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FCST 1010-Ledbetter-Fall 2013: Home

This guide will assist you in finding excellent resources for your research project and presentation on the influence of the media on society.

The Assignment


Assignment: Address how the media affects your decision-making and your opinions.  Also examine the pros and cons of the media in your life, and determine how you can be a more discriminating consumer of media information.

Your mission is to turn in:

  • a RESOURCE LIST with 10-20 sources in correct MLA Format.
  • a 5-7 page RESEARCH PAPER, with a BIBLIOGRAPHY in MLA Format.

In the course of writing the paper and preparing for the PRESENTATION, you should:


You will also have a 10-15 minute ORAL PRESENTATION.

GIL-The Book Catalog

Keep your searches simple and to the point.

Example 1: "mass media and society" 

Example 2: "media and public opinion"

Example 3: "media influence"

GALILEO (articles, web sources, video clips, etc.)

Preferred databases:

  • Academic Search Complete
  • Films on Demand
  • Google
  • Issues and Controversies
  • Lexis-Nexis Academic
  • Opposing Viewpoints
  • Research Library @ ProQuest


Possible search strategies:

"media influence," "media influence on society," "media influence and college students,"

"media and sex," "media and violence," "media and fashion," "media and politics," "social media influence,"  etc.

Using the MLA Format

Printed Sources that we use and keep on reserve in the library:

The Harbrace Handbook

Cite Right, 2nd edition

MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing


Critical Thinking is Key

Questions you might consider as you begin to organize your thoughts about this topic:

1. Which forms of media do I use the most?  (TV, the Internet, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler, Reddit, video games, etc.)

2. Do I dress a certain way, display body art, or have a certain hair style because of something I saw, read, or heard? 

3. What about my speech (choice of words, accent, etc)?

4. What about my political views?  Or my social attitudes?

5. Where did I get my taste in music, film, books, etc?  Have I been affected by the music I listen to, or the films I've watched, or the books I've read?  How so?

6. What about my spending habits?

7. Are there examples where I DID NOT let the media affect my decision-making process?  Why?

8. Have I ever thought about the real motives of those who are advertising products that I purchase?

9. How influential have my parents, friends, or peer group been in affecting my decisions?

10.  Have they been affected by the media?

11. Have I ever thought about how reliable the information is that I'm processing?  Are the sources accurate, authoritative, and timely?

12.  Has there ever been a time in my life when I made a decision solely based on what I thought and felt would be good for me (even though others were telling me to do just the opposite)?  How did the decision turn out?

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