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Psychology 1101-Hankins-Spring 2013: Assignment

Assignment for Paper

Students are to select a mental health disorder from the DSM-IV TR manual and complete a research paper for the purposes of presenting it to the class.  The paper must include: an Introduction to the Disorder; a History of the Disorder, complete with diagnosis criteria and prevalence; Examples of Persons Diagnosed, as well as Society's View of the Disorder; Treatment Options; and a Conclusion, as well as a Reference Page.  The paper should comply with standard APA format guidelines.

The DSM-IV Manual can count as one of your sources, but you will need to find at least 3-4 more (i.e., books, articles, web sites, etc.).

So you think you have a problem?

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"Doc, I've been reading the DSM-IV and I think I've got a combination of bipolar disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, borderline personality disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder."

Subject Guide

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