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English 1101-Bishop-Fall 2011: Assignment


  • Should the U.S. send more troops to Afghanistan?
  • Should Creationism be taught in public schools?
  • Should major corporations and financial institutions be allowed to fail? Were we right or wrong to bail them out?
  • Is the customer still always right? Should the customer always be right?
  • Should doctors’ offices be penalized in some way for long wait times? How?
  • Should there be a “maximum age” for a driver’s license? Should the elderly have their licenses revoked?
  •  Should children with ADHD and similar conditions be medicated?
  • Do reality TV shows encourage or condone outrageous behavior, or encourage or condone poor parenting?
  • Does our current system of voting requirements work? Should we further restrict voting rights, or should we lift voting restrictions?
  • Should all news organizations have equal access to the White House?
  • Should endangered species be protected even if it costs jobs?



Basic Guidelines

Essay #3 (Analysis)

ENGL 1101

Prof. Bishop

Due Date: See website for due dates

Objective: Students will demonstrate proficiency or mastery of the rhetorical mode of cause and effect analysis.

Guidelines: Each student will write an essay of at least 750 words that carefully outlines a cause and/or effect analysis of their particular problem. The essay should not try to address all causes and all effects. Instead it should focus on one or two specific causes and/or effects, explaining why these particular aspects are significant. The analysis should be structured in the CIA mode of paragraph development. The analysis will be supplemented by at least two (but no more than four) secondary research sources. The research will be predicated upon a driving research question, as discussed in class. The essay MUST feature an analytical thesis statement, as discussed in class.


  • All essays MUST adhere to MLA format for document layout and for in-text citations

  • All essays MUST be properly cited. Failure to cite properly will result in a grade of zero and the professor may seek sanctions in keeping with the GHC Academic Integrity Policy (listed both in the syllabus and the college catalog).

  • All essays MUST feature an MLA style work-cited page. Failure to have a works-cited page will result in a grade of zero and the professor may seek sanctions in keeping with the GHC Academic Integrity Policy (listed both in the syllabus and the college catalog).

  • All body paragraphs should be in the CIA mode of organization.

  • The essay must feature an analytical thesis statement. Failure to have an analytical thesis will result in a D-grade for the assignment.

  • The essay should be edited carefully for grammar, mechanics, and usage. The use of the 2nd person will result in a five point grade deduction.

  • Use the text/context game to generate potential causes and effects.

  • Try to move past the “surface-level” analysis of your topic. In other words, try to come up with something that is not observation and is perhaps unexpected and intriguing.

  • Try to develop the body of the essay before you attempt to come up with a thesis statement.

  • Try to have your own analysis before you look to other sources for support.

  • Try to adhere to the CIA mode of organization. When all else fails: write to discover something about your topic. When the tip above fails: see Professor Bishop!




Subject Guide

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