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POLS 1101/HIST 2111 Akemon: Assignment 1

Class Assignments 1, 2, and 3

Assignment 1

CLASSROOM EXAMPLE #1:  The Political Cartoon Analysis

This assignment was designed to teach students basic research and citation skills.  Using a political cartoon allowed students to think critically and analytically about political issues humorously drawn in newspaper editorials.


Political Cartoon Analysis

Your opinion matters, especially on political issues!  Find a political cartoon in the editorial section of your local newspaper to analyze in comparison to your opinion.  The assignment is worth a total of 10 points.


1.  Source Citation (Turabian Style) - 2 points

           Ramsey, Marshall.  “This is a Big Day for Democracy,”  The Clarion Ledger,

       29 August 2007, sec. A, p. 2.


2.  Analysis - 8 points

      In a minimum of five sentences, answer the following questions:

        1)  Who is the comic’s artist?

        2)  What is the artist’s message in the cartoon?

        3)  Do you agree or disagree the artist?

        4)  Why do you agree or disagree with the artist?

        *  Regardless of my personal views, I do not grade your opinion.  Instead, I grade

            you on your ability to convey your opinion in a grammatically correct manner.



Factors considered in your grade calculation are grammar, spelling, a well-reasoned analysis, and compliance to the above directions.

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