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English 1101: Abbott Spring 2011: Assignment Parameters

Persuasive Essay Assignment

English 1101: Instructor Michelle Abbott

ENGLISH 1101: Persuasive Essay

Topic: Student’s Choice (topic suggestions: Sundance Reader p.68)
Format:  MLA format, Times New Roman, size 12, no cover page, 3rd person POV only
Length: 3 ½-5 pages
Deadline:  See Syllabus

200 points

Outside Sources:

Outside Sources:
·      Source material should be used as supporting details only. 
        Due to the publication lag time for books, avoid them if possible. Use more rapidly produced and updated sources such as websites and articles. Evaluate sources carefully for credibility and reliability. Do not use blogs or other opinion-based internet sources. Use at least two resources obtained via our library’s electronic resources (GALILEO).

       Do NOT use Wikipedia,, or 
        All sources must be properly cited using a Works Cited list at the end of the paper and in-text parenthetical citation. (MLA format only).

Essay Writing Instructions:

  •  Original work only! Essay may not be identical to an essay submitted to another instructor for any other course.

  •  A plagiarized essay, accidental or intentional, will receive no credit and will be subject to GHC's Academic Integrity Policy.
  •  Define and defend a position on a current event/issue.
  •  The audience for the argument should be the largest portion of an American or Western Civilization audience as possible. Avoid appeals targeted to a very narrow subset such as a specific race or religion unless this is vital to the topic being discussed.
  •  This essay is NOT a research paper. Outside source material should only account for 10-30% of each body paragraph, and may be utilized for crafting an effective hook. The bulk of this essay will be crafted from personal knowledge and common sense as previous essays have been.
  •  Avoid rhetorical fallacies.
  • Essays must include refutation of the opposition!
  •  The thesis statement should clearly state the position being argued and only advocate one position—no fence riding allowed.

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