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COMM1100 - MacMurdo - Spring 2014 (Cartersville): Assignment

The Assignment

COMM 1100 (MacMurdo) – Library Instruction Project

The Basics

1.      Each group will be assigned one library resource video to watch (listed below). 

2.      The group will teach the content to your fellow students during library day.

3.      The librarian will grade your presentation based on the details below.


The Details

1.      For your presentation, demonstrate at least FIVE important things you learned from the video and explain why they are important.

2.      Each group member should participate in the presentation in some way.  Non-participation by a group member will result in lost points.

3.      You may not use the same specific examples from the video.  In other words, if you demonstrate how to do a search, you cannot use

         the same search words used in the video!

4.      You may use any other information found on this guide, but it must tie into your specific video's content.

5.      You will be able to use the computer and overhead projector.

6.      Your presentation must be 5-8 minutes long.


The Grading

1.      This presentation is worth 20 points.

2.      The librarian will grade your presentation based primarily on content. 

3.      The presentation should be taken seriously.  Outside-the-box ideas on how to teach something you learned in the video are extra-point

         worthy. Theatrics that do *not* add content are minus-point-worthy.  (In other words, think carefully before doing something silly!)

4.      At the end of your presentation, the librarian may comment on different things.  This does not mean you lost points; it means that there are

        way more than five important things to know about each video, and she wants your classmates to know all the cool stuff too!


Use this list to find which video / library resource your group is assigned to teach!

3:30pm (TR) Class

Team Braveheart  - GIL

Team Unconditional - ProQuest

Team Semper Fi - Opposing Viewpoints

The Best Group - Films on Demand

5:00pm (TR) Class

The Misfits - GIL

The Fantastic Five - ProQuest

Team Third Best - Opposing Viewpoints

The Chosen Ones - Films on Demand

Floyd Library - 706.295.6318 | Heritage Hall - 706.295.6321 | Cartersville Library - 678.872.8400 | Marietta - 678.915.5010 | Paulding Library - 678.946.1007 | Douglasville Library - 678.872.4237
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